Best Metal Hacky Sacks and Footbags

5 Best Metal Hacky Sacks and Footbags

The game of footbag includes two or more players standing in a circle and they try to keep the ball off the ground. All hacky sacks are footbags but all footbags are not hacky sacks. And one thing you should know that after a few sessions of play they are better. Footbag is a small bag made of patches of leather or some other similar material that is stuffed with a small, rounded, compressed mass of a substance. Paneled bags are referred to as footbags. Hacky sack is a brand name for a small softball which is often kicked in the air. Hacky sack is the popular brand name of the footbag.

How the hacky sacks are made?

To create the panels, the typical type of fabrics are loaded onto a machine with an automated, repetitive punch and die mechanism. To create the shaped panels the punch is lowered through the fabric. This process is done in supervision always. Some panels are set aside for logo or another stamping. All the process is done by hand. The panels are then assembled for sewing by hand. They are sewed completely inside out, leaving the final 3-4 stitches to remain. Plastic pellets or sand is inserted by hand through the space created by the loose stitches. With an interior knot, the final stitches are completed. Then the product is packaged and then boxed for shipping. Another method uses material rayon to a pattern with a certain number of stitches and it is hand crocheted. There is a hole on the top. The faceted styrene plastic beads inside the bag are measured by volume,. They are put in the footbag by hand with the help of the hole. After the bag filled fully, the top is crocheted closed. It requires almost 20 minutes to an hour to do one bag. These are the best hacky sacks.

Considerations for buying best hacky sacks :

  • Best hacky sacks number of panels : 4 / 8 / 12 / 14 / 32 ( Consider bag with more no.of panels )
  • Best hacky sacks size of panels: Small / Medium /Large ( Go for a larger panel )
  • Best hacky sacks weight: 30 – 80 gms ( Footbag weight is not too low to feel good to kick and not too high to play with )
  • Best hacky sacks diameter: 2-3 inches ( Go for a wider bag )

Which are the Best hacky sack shoes?

  • The Rod Lavers from Adidas
  • Quantum brand
  • Chaco sandals

What are the best brands for footbags or hacky sacks?

  • Dragonfly footbags
  • Dirtbag
  • KickFire Hacky sacks
  • Bigfoot Bags
  • Quickfire Classics
  • Bomb Footbags
  • Pandemonium Footbags
  • Hania Footbags

Here is the list of some best metal hacky sacks in 2021. Read once and then decide which one to purchase.

IT’S RIDIC! Record Stall Metal Filled Hacky Sack

IT’S RIDIC! Record Stall Metal Filled 2-Panel Hacky Sack Footbag is a 2-panel hacky sack. So you can imagine the shape, you didn’t get a total full round shape. Less round hack is created due to the less number of panels. Leaking is also reduced to fewer no panels. Due to this, you get a larger surface area to hit the ball. The filling used for the footbag is metal. So it has a high weight compared to others and so great for stalls. So they are named as Record Stall. Record Stall Metal Filled 2-Panel Hacky Sack Footbag is hand-stitched. Synthetic suede is used for hand stitching. And having very high durability. It lasts long due to the hand stitching of the footbag. The color of this footbag is very bright so you can see it very easily. You will notice a difference in metal filling compared to others after trying it once. You can easily do tricks with this metal hacky sacks. You can use this hacky sack for circle kicking, Freestyle footbag, and footbag net. A great quality hacky sack that is long-lasting, helpful for stalling, and highly durable. It’s the best metal footbag in 2021.


  • 2-panel hacky sack
  • A metal filling is used
  • Hand-stitched
  • Long-lasting
  • Highly durable
Its Ridic metal filled hacky sack footbag reviews and user guide
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Dragonfly Footbags Whirl 

It is one of the most popular footbag brands nowadays. It’s a very old brand. It has 100 different styles of bag and has 6 different styles of fillings. The panel count is from 1-152. This brand includes almost covers all kinds of footbags and hacky sacks available. This is the 6-panel footbag. Dragonfly Footbags Whirl 6 Panel Hacky Sack is especially liked by beginners. Its a high quality, hand-stitched hacky sack which uses rugged synthetic suede. Filling used in this footbags is a metal pellet that is loosely filled. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is easily washable and very tough. It is available in black, purple and green color. You can also gift this footbag. It is a unique idea to gift the footbag to your dear ones which will add physical activity to their routine. It improves foot and eye coordination. Also, this Dragonfly Footbag is great for balance training.


  • 6-panel footbag
  • Hand-stitched hacky sack
  • Unique gift idea
  • Improves foot and eye coordination
  • Great in terms of balance training
Dragonfly metal Hacky sack reviews and user guide
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Dragonfly Footbags Assassin 

Dragonfly’s footbag is the genuine footbag brand and very popular. Its a very old brand having a variety of footbags available. Dragonfly Footbags Assassin is a 32-panel hacky sack and preferred by beginners. This footbag is hand-stitched and rugged synthetic suede is used for stitching. Filling used in the footbag is sand and its filled fully. The material used for this hacky sack is very smooth and it gives you a nice feeling when you touch it. So you get a round shape of the ball. This footbag can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It can be washed easily. This footbag can be used as a gift to give your dear ones. It not only improves foot and eye coordination but also it’s great for balance training. It provides you good bounce. It feels very comfortable to play with this Dragonfly Footbag. It’s the best quality footbag and the red colored footbag is the most preferred one. Bean spillage is avoided in this due to tight holes. It’s one of the best affordable metal hacky sack in 2021.


  • 32-panel hacky sack
  • Hand-stitched
  • Unique gift idea
  • Full filled hacky sack
Dragonfly Footbags Assassin 32 Panel (Hacky Sack) reviews and user guide
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Dragonfly Footbags Clipper 

Dragonfly footbag is the best and old brand for a hacky sack. It’s a genuine brand. This dragonfly footbags have different styles of footbags and hacky sacks available. Dragonfly footbag Clipper 24 has 24 panels. And these 24 panels make it a special hacky sack. Its a hand-stitched hacky sack and made from rugged synthetic suede. These footbags are the best quality footbags popular for its brand name and quality. filling used for these footbags is metal pellets. Its a loosely filled Dragonfly footbag. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Its a very tough footbag and can be washed easily. You can gift the footbag to your dear ones. It is the best idea for a gift. It improves foot and eye coordination. It is also great for balance training. It works best for stalling. If you are searching for the best stalling footbag then Clipper 24 footbag is the best. Clipper 24 is available in bright colors so that you can see the footbag easily while play. So it’s a favorite footbag.


  • 24-panel hacky sack
  • Hand-stitched hacky sack
  • Loosely filled
  • Best for stalling
  • Available in bright shades
Dragonfly Footbags clipper 24 Panel Hacky Sack reviews and user guide
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Dragonfly Footbags Drifter 

Dragonfly footbag Drifter is a 26-panel footbag. This footbag is preferred for beginners. This is a hand-stitched footbag and rugged synthetic suede is used for making this footbag. Hand stitching is of very good quality. Filling used for the footbag is metal pellets. Its a loosely filled footbag so the shape of the footbag is less round. Dragonfly footbag Drifter 26 panel used indoors as well as outdoors. It’s a unique gift idea. You can gift the footbag to your dear ones. It improves foot and eye coordination. Also, it is great for balance training. It balances very well between stalls and pops. It’s best, to begin with. It retains pop and is easy to stall. Its weight provide stability during the game. It’s a good bag to play with. You can gift it too. It will not retain its shape and roundness. It’s not that good for kicking. Due to its high panel count, the hacky sack will offer a necessary kicking ability. This hacky sack is a good choice for stalling. This hacky sack sits on your fit better due to its loose filling. Metal pellets give better accuracy than sand. It’s one of the best affordable metal hacky sack in 2021.


  • 26-panel footbag
  • Loosely filled footbag
  • Metal pellets are used as filling
  • Improves foot and eye coordination
  • Great for balance training

Dragonfly Footbags Drifter 26 panel reviews and user guide

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So its a list of top best metal hacky sacks and footbags in 2021 nowadays. Just take a look and choose the right one for you. So pick the one best for you and enjoy yourself with your dear ones.

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